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We not only provide Vituas Platform licenses but other services also to make sure that you succeed using our solution.

Vituas Academy

Each Developer license grants you access to our knowledge base and our community of passionate developers.

New Modules

We can build custom modules that implements new features in Vituas Runtime for your specific needs.


We can do online training sessions with your own projects in order to speed up the development process.

Custom Applications

Based on our deep understanding of how Vituas works, we can create high quality custom applications in a short time.

Applications Catalog

We have a catalog of applications created by us and our partners ready to be implemented in a very short time.


We have different types of support packages to make you confident that you are not alone on this path.

Why choose us?

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Hours Of Support


Hard Workers

Our Clients

Runtime Licenses

Runtime licenses are required for each customer's site. They are not related with physical locations but with the number of platforms installed. Terminals, Applications, Enterprise license applies to a single platform instance.


  • Native client for Windows and Linux
  • Raspberry Pi Management
  • Web Content Terminals
  • Audio Content Terminals
  • Meeting Room Calendars

750 / platform


  • All Terminals License Features
  • One Vituas Application
  • OPC/UA Server Simulator
  • Documents Management Workspaces
  • Unlimited users
  • 8 licences allows conversion
    to Enterprise license

1.000 / application


  • All Applications License Features
  • Unlimited Vituas Applications
  • Not for SaaS products

8.000 / platform

Developer Licenses

Developer licenses are required for building Vituas Applications. We have both on premise and on cloud licenses.


  • On Premise Developer
  • Local Vituas Platform Instance
  • One developer
  • Unlimited applications
  • Vituas Academy Access

200 / year

Cloud Developer

  • Vituas Platform Instance
    hosted by us in Cloud
  • One developer
  • Unlimited applications
  • Vituas Academy Access

40 / month

Cloud Developer Pro

  • Vituas Platform Instance
    hosted by us in Cloud
  • High Availability Setup
  • One developer
  • Minimum 5 licenses required
  • Unlimited applications
  • Vituas Academy Access

60 / month

Web Client Module

Web Client Module is a separate Vituas component that allows to run Vituas client application directly in any modern browser. The next paragraphs will highlight the most important features of this module.

Easy distribution on any platform. No need to download a native client for your operating system. Works even on mobile devices but keep in mind that you still need a keyboard and a pointing device for productivity.

Highly secure by using three pillars: SSL transmission, no file or data transferred to user’s browser and two factor authentication. The client application runs on the server, the user only sees on his browser what’s on the server through a HTML5 element.

No browser compatibility issues now or on next twelve years because Vituas client does not run in the browser but on the server.

Price: 2.000 €/ year

Mobile Runtime Module

Mobile Runtime Module is a separate Vituas component that allows to run Vituas Mobile applications on mobile devices as native applications. Android and iOS are supported.

How it works? The users install Vituas Client from Play Store or App Store, scan a QRCode token created for them by Vituas Platform administrator and they are ready to run Vituas Mobile applications on their smartphones.

Beside Vituas application that already exists on Play Store (and on App Store in the near future), you can buy a white label mobile runtime which will run only with your platform and will be listed on applications stores with name and icon chosen by you.

Price: 3.000 €/ year / mobile platform. White label runtime price: 5.000 €/ year / mobile platform

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most asked questions from our customers. If your question is not in this list, please ask. We are happy to help.